Power Flushing in Stockport


Welcome to Ren-Techsolutions Ltd, widely regarded as the foremost experts for power flushing in Stockport. Having carried out a number of power flushing jobs in the local area, we have developed a well known and highly respected reputation. With years of experience and highly trained and gas safe registered engineers, we should be your first port of call for flushing of your central heating system.

Can my Heating System Benefit from a Power Flush?

A simple buildup of dirt and sludge in your heating system can cause extensive problems. Although it may seem like a simple job, a flushing of your heating system and pipes should be carried out by a trained and gas safe registered engineer. At Ren-Techsolutions Ltd we have carried out a number of of power flushes in the Stockport area, successfully helping our customers make the most out of their central heating. Your central heating system itself may still have a problem even if your boiler is seemingly OK, usually manifested in the form of lukewarm radiators, or radiators which take a long time to heat up. If you have spotted any of the following problems, your system may require a power flush:

Radiators taking a while to heat up

Water taking a while to heat up

Loud heating system

Benefits of Power Flushing

Especially in the winter months, living or working without heating/hot water can be a real struggle. As a result of the heating system being placed under greater strain, your energy bills are likely to increase. Your energy bills will inevitably be at their lowest after a power flush. Allow Ren-Techsolutions Ltd to perform a power flush to reduce your heating bills over the long term. More benefits of power flushing can be found here.

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There are many benefits to having your system flushed, and we have outlined just a few of the

main reasons below:


Reduced heating bills

Radiators and water both heat up quicker

Better temperatures

Performance is improved overall

Power Flushing in Stockport – Call Us Today

If you’re in Stockport or the surrounding areas, Ren-Techsolutions Ltd can supply you with a free, no obligation quote for power flushing services. Your boiler will soon be operating at peak efficiency again once you take advantage of our highly acclaimed, professional service. If you would like a no obligation estimate for power flushing in Stockport, or perhaps would like some friendly advice as to whether or not your central heating system could benefit from a flush, then call Ren-Techsolutions Ltd today and we’ll be happy to discuss the matter further with you.